Simplicity is the Key

My belief is that vocal production is at its best when it is simple, free, and unencumbered. I focus a lot of attention on relaxation – physically, mentally, and vocally. The freer the body, the freer the sound!

Ultimately, singing is talking on pitch!

Student-First Approach

A voice lesson with me involves a relaxing physical and vocal warm-up, followed by work on songs, which can be chosen by me to address the needs and skill level of the student, or by the student – a song they love to sing. The work on the song is examined purely vocally – applying techniques from the scales and exercises done in the first half of the lesson, as well as from an acting standpoint in the second half; how does the student make sense of the song as an actor?


As the weeks go by, my students develop a repertoire of songs in different styles and tempos which can be revisited with each new lesson and even used as audition pieces should the need arise.

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